Is YW a good fit for your child? + What's your part in it?

Parents are Vital!

We believe that parents are in the best position to be the most influential person in their child’s life! That is why parents are a vital part of the Integra Young Warriors (YW) program, participating throughout their child’s journey, helping them to make wise choices, from the very first step. Please read below to get a better idea of this program is a good fit for your child or not.  


Which kids are a good fit for YW?

Through the Integra program of CDI, the YW program serves boys and girls diagnosed with Learning Disabilities (LD) who have been referred, admitted for service (see steps below) and who we agree are a good fit.

When does it run?

Integra Young Warriors has two 5 month terms which run consecutively with the school schedule. The Fall-Winter term (from September to the end of January) and the Winter-Spring term (Beginning of February to the end of June).

What if my child is older?

For teens from age 12-18, we offer the Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts (MMA) program. MMA is fully compatible with YW and many kids decide to continue training in this program after they “age out” of YW.

Is YW available anywhere outside of INTEGRA program of CDI?

Our home base, for both YW and MMA is the Integra “dojo” (training hall) which is a part of the Integra Program of Child Development Institute (CDI) housed at 25 Imperial St, in mid-town Toronto. Both programs have been expanding to other locations in the last few years. See more on the Schools and Mental Health Agencies pages.  

Currently, there a pilot project in the Haliburton area to deliver YW in 6 schools and we are cultivating relationships and possibilities of offering YW in many more locations in the future. Stay tuned for any word on the street about that, by signing up to Sensei’s Secret Tips monthly newsletter (scroll down).

What are the Steps to apply for YW or MMA at the INTEGRA program?

  1. If your child has a diagnosed Learning Disability (LD) and is between the ages of 8 and 18 years, you can complete intake documentation to be referred to the Integra Program.
  2. Once admitted as eligible for Integra Programs, your child will be placed on our Integra Waitlist for our Assessment and Consultation Clinic.
  3. The Clinic therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your child and family.
  4.  If Integra Young Warriors is of interest and suitable, you and your child will book a time to meet with the YW Sensei for an interview to learn more about the program and to assess whether this program is a good fit for your child

Please note, we run the 20 week program twice a year, with new sessions starting in September and in February.

Remember... Your presence and your modelling is the greatest influence in your child's life