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Results of a 2-year long waitlist-control mixed-methods study on Integra YW, including 3 waves of YW participants, show that parents reported significant changes in two areas:

1. Increases in their child’s ability to self-soothe   (p = .012)

Mean Parent Ratings on Soothability at Pre- and Post-Treatment

2. Decreases in their child’s level of anger and frustration  (p = .049)

Also significant, was an exceptionally high level of engagement for mental health programming: clients/students attending an average of 18 (out of 20) classes/wave.


  • Changes in emotion regulation.
  • Process of mastery/rising to the challenge (physical challenge, tests, client-centred/individually         tailored, scaffolding)
  • Sense of belonging and connectedness
  • Learning and retention of therapeutic skills in self-regulation

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