So many great reasons to volunteer with us!

Benefits of Volunteering with us:

What current and past volunteers tell us they value most from working with us:

  • The sense of community and how much they feel appreciated by us all.
  • Seeing how we teach kids and learning from our respectful and highly engaging approaches.
  • Learning AIKIDO – the peaceful martial art — gives them lots of benefits personally (like more calm, confidence, and focus).
  • The weekly workout in our dojo space.
  • Having lots of fun!

How we choose volunteers?

Being a popular program and one which demands great confidentiality and care, we choose who joins us on the mats, wisely. Our ideal volunteers have:

  • Lots of empathy, patience and care towards kids (and hopefully yourself too).
  • A current meditation practice OR An interest in meditation and Mindfulness.
  • Experience in working with kids (particularly youth diagnosed with Learning disabilities and/or mental health concerns)
  • An interest in and/or experience engaging in Martial Arts, Yoga or other forms of physical or athletic pursuits.
  • A desire to grow emotionally, physically, and professionally. As teachers and role models we focus on the whole package and need to model it too!
  • Looking to have fun! (very important to us)

Want to APPLY?

So…? You want to get high level experience with MH experts (us) working with kids and families with some of the most persistent and disabling emotional and neurological challenges? At no financial cost? All we ask in exchange — beyond what is written above — is your consistent commitment (for 20 weeks) to be on time, to be a model of respect, and most of all to give your full presence (the best gift to give us and the kids). If that sounds good to you, the next step in our application process is to contact Sensei Jack here.

Volunteers are a vital pillar in our community of mutual learning and growth!